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Getting a job can be hard work.

You need to present a Resume that 'sells' the benefits that you would bring to the employer so that you are asked to attend an interview.

When you develop a Resume using the My Career Crossroads Resume Builder, you will be directed step by step in the production of a Resume that has been helping people to win jobs for more than 12 years!

In the development of your Resume, you will receive:

  • Step by Step simple and easy to follow instructions and guidelines

  • Access 24/7 so you can develop your Resume at your own pace in your own time

  • Format guidelines with ability to choose the preferred format based on your specific work history

  • Templates - blank Resume templates and templates for over-writing

  • More than 150 personal strengths that you can choose from in the writing of a personal profile

  • More than 240 skills categories to help identify the skills that you have gained over time

  • Functional verbs to assist in describing skills, accountabilities and achievements

  • Options to choose your preferred font size and style

  • Color selection for you to personally customise the presentation of your Resume

  • Cross reference your Resume with examples of other successfully completed Resumes

  • Ability to print and save your Resume as a word document and a PDF file

Not only have you have avoided the huge costs often associated with firms that promote face to face Resume coaching, you will also have access to FREE Cover Letter Templates, FREE Interview Guidelines and FREE Job Board Listings.

Purchase Resume & CV Bundle NOW!