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When you are in active job search, at some stage you are likely to be asked to complete psychometric testing as part of the selection process.

Psychometric Testing is often used by recruitment firms and by companies to assess a candidate's personality style and way of thinking.

Psychometric tests should always be administered and scored by a suitably qualified person, usually a Registered Occupational Psychologist.

Most psychometric tests can be provided on line, or by using the more traditional ‘pen and paper' method. Depending on the type of test used, the testing can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours.



If you are able to select the time when you undertake the testing, choose a time in the day when you are at your most alert. If you are ‘not a morning person' then completing the tests before 10.00 am may not achieve the best results.



There are a wide variety of tests available, measuring a wide range of aptitudes relevant to particular roles.

For example for the candidate who is applying for a sales, business development or account manager role, you may be provides with a test that measures sales personality or preferences.

For a candidate who has applied for a more senior or strategic role, a test that measures Abstract Reasoning Ability may be provided.

Many firms that provide psychometric testing refer to ‘the standard battery' of tests.

This usually consists of tests that measure:

  1. VERBAL REASONING - the ability to solve problems and apply logic when using written and verbal communication. People who enjoy completing crossword puzzles, word finds and other similar puzzles may score higher in verbal reasoning. This is usually a timed test (approximately 10 minutes) that measures speed and accuracy.

  1. NUMERICAL REASONING - the ability to solve problems and apply logic when using statistics and numbers. People who enjoy Sudoku and other numerical based quizzes may score higher in numerical reasoning. This is usually a timed test (approximately 10 minutes) that measures speed and accuracy.

  1. PERSONALITY STYLE - measures personality traits and demonstrates a predisposition for acting in a certain way across a variety of different situations. Personality style tests will also show how a person may fit within the team environment as well as organisational values and culture. This is not time measured for speed or accuracy and there is no pass or fail and no answer is right or wrong. Some personality tests are extensive and you should be prepared for 100 + questions.

Personality tests usually include questions that will identify whether the person is answering truthfully - you should not attempt to ‘fake' a personality test , if for no other reason than not wanting to secure a role on the basis of inaccurate personality responses only to find out that you are not suited to the role that you have been appointed to.



There is not a lot that can be achieved by practicing personality style tests - what you should do, is be as honest as you possibly can be.

When it comes to aptitude tests, having the opportunity to view a typical format and reading examples of the types of questions that you may be asked, could be helpful in reducing your level of stress as you head into an unfamiliar situation. This in turn may improve your overall performance.

There are thousands of psychological tests available in the market today and those chosen are likely to be those recommended by the larger publishing authorities in your particular country.

The internet has a wide range of free and fee based psychometric tests available. Please remember however that psychometric test results will never be the only consideration when selecting a successful candidate. Psychometric tests are only one form of measurement and are always certainly used in association with the written application, a structured interview process and reference checking.