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You will find lots of information on the internet providing advice on how to make your job search successful.

There is no doubt about it - job search is a science and takes oodles of perseverance, tenacity and self confidence.

We are often asked, "How long does it take to get a job".

The answer is simple - it is totally dependent on your level of effective and proven job search activity.


Listed below are just some of the most common pitfalls you might want to AVOID:

  • Putting your job search in the hands of someone else who has generously offered to pass on your Resume/CV to another person or who will hold your networking discussions for you.

  • Thinking that all you have to do is visit a few recruitment companies and then wait for the job to be made available to you.

  •  Asking about salary before you have been offered the job.

  • Not spending any time preparing for the interview process.

  • Applying for jobs where there is less than an 80% ‘fit' with your skills and experience.

  • Thinking that you age will be a barrier to your success.

  • Actively job searching while dealing with the negative emotional effects of redundancy.

  • Failing to acknowledge that your skills are transferable across multiple roles and industries.

  • Concentrating your job search on trying to find the exact same job that you have just left.

  • Spending less than 3 hours a day in active job search.

  • Refusing to network the ‘hidden job market'.

  • Thinking that networking is simply asking someone for a job.

  • Failing to take the initiative - waiting for the job to come to you.

  • Being critical of your former employer.

  • Showing that you are desperate to get just any job.

  • Losing confidence when the going gets tough.

  • Developing a Resume/CV that is so long, no-one will want to read it.

  • Overdoing the deodorant, body spray or perfume when you are going for an interview.