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How MyCareerCrossroads Works?

Step 1


Learn about the assessments or Resume bundle that best suits your requirements. 

If you are unsure what your career or job search needs actually are, take our FREE Needs Assessment to help you with your decision.

When you are ready to purchase go to our purchase pages and select the assessments and/or Resume Bundle that you would like to purchase.

Looking to help someone in need? Take a look at our Gift Certificates


 Step 2


In the purchases section from the assessments catalogue click Add to Cart.

Your selected purchases will be shown in your shopping cart.

You can add to your purchases if you wish.


 Step 3


To confirm your selected items, click on View Cart.

If you wish to remove an item from the Shopping Cart simply change the quantity to zero and click on the update quantities button.

When you are ready then go to checkout.


Step 4


On Checkout enter your billing Details. Some of these fields such as the email address are mandatory. 

The email address will be used as your user name when logging into the system to complete the assessments.

You must also agree to the terms of use of the MyCareerCrossroads site by clicking on the checkbox.

Then click the Continue button.


Step 5


You will be asked to enter your credit card details.

See our Security policy or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for further information.

Step 6

Once the transaction has been accepted by our bank the details of the purchase will be confirmed.

A confirmation email will be sent to you.


Step 7


As a first time purchaser, as part of the payment process you will be automatically logged in.

You will also be sent an automatic email with your login details.


 Step 8


From the confirmation page you can then click on home to be taken to your own personal home page where any assessments and/or Resume/CV bundle you have purchased will be available for you to start.

Or you can logout now and come back at a another time to begin the assessment(s).

To do this, by logging on to at the top of the page using your email address and password.