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  • Identify those firms that recruit in your area of specialization.

  • Call each recruitment firm to ask for the name of the consultant that specializes in filling roles in your particular field.

  • Either ask to be put through to that person or telephone back and ask to speak with that consultant directly. Be aware that you may need to speak with more than one recruitment consultant within the same company.

  • Do not enter into a lengthy conversation over the phone – the sole purpose of this call is to arrange a time to meet so you can present your credentials. Note that recruitment consultants will often be reluctant to meet you unless your background fits closely with a role they are looking to fill. You may be left with no other options but to e mail / post your resume /cv to the consultant,

  • If you email / post your Resume/CV, call the consultant about four days later to make sure they have received it and to arrange a suitable time to meet (again if no roles are a suitable match for you, the consultant may well be reluctant to meet). If this happens, then you must call the consultant about once a fortnight to ‘keep your name and top of mind’ and to seek some feedback on any job market developments.

  • If you are able to secure a meeting with the recruitment consultant, then treat this meeting as you would any first interview. That means, be prepared to answer difficult questions.

  • Do your homework and prepare thoroughly. If you lack effective interview skills or you are unsure what type of role you are seeking, then your application is unlikely to proceed further. Recruitment Consultants generally do not provide career advice.

  • You need to know what type of role you are looking for, at what level and you also need to be able to market yourself well

  • Following your initial meeting, contact the consultant directly about once a fortnight to advise your job search status and to track any job market developments. Keep a log as a reminder of who you should be contacting and when.

  • If you notice a suitable role being advertised by a recruitment firm that you have had contact with, do not assume that your Resume/CV will automatically be forwarded to the client organisation. Always contact the consultant and request that you be considered for the role.

  • When you have been advised that your Resume/CV has been forwarded for a role, ask the recruitment consultant for a Job Description or Role Profile of the position available so you can assess whether the role is suitable for you and, if so, you can start preparing in the event of an interview.

  • Many recruitment consultants are unlikely to consider you for roles where you are unable to demonstrate previous experience. They are more likely to want to place you in a similar role to the one you currently have (or have just left). Your career development needs will not be a high priority for many consultants

  • When you secure your next role (whether or not it was through a recruitment firm) then advise each consulting firm so that your name can be removed from their active database