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Easy to Read References

The following are a selection of Books on Careers and Job Search that you may find useful. By clicking on either the book image or link you can purchase the specific books from

... and check back again as we update further books to our list.

 Download a PDF listing of these recommended books. (Requires Adobe Reader)

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2012: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

Author: Richard Bolles

What Color is Your Parachute 2012.jpg

Many people regard the author, Richard Bolles, as the ultimate Job Seekers guru.

Updated and published every year, this book has been assisting job seekers and career changers from around the world for more than 30 years and has been translated into over 20 languages.

This is another edition of a guide that assists people with creative talents to optimize their potential. This year's edition of What Color Is Your Parachute? has been vastly rewritten, because job-hunting has increasingly become a survival skill. Career expert Richard N. Bolles describes the five strategies most needed to survive, and explains how to incorporate social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter into your job-search.

The new ideas are wrapped around the familiar core message of Parachute: WHAT, WHERE, and HOW, with an emphasis on finding your passion and identifying your best transferable skills. With fresh insights into resumes, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation, and how to start your own business, this book will give you the tools, exercises, and motivation you need to find hope, land a job, and fulfill your purpose in life


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Also from Author Richard Bolles...

What Color Is Your Parachute Workbook: How to Create a Picture of Your Ideal Job or Next Career

Author: Richard Bolles

What Color is Your Parachute Workbook.jpg

At the heart of Bolles's formula for finding the right job are two questions:

What do you want to do?

Where do you want to do it?

Answer those and you're well on your way to finding the job you really want


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Creative and Unconditional People

Author: Carol Eikleberry

Creative and Unconventional People.jpgThis book contains profiles of successful creative people, real life achievement stories as well as an inventory of more than 200 creative jobs.


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Seven Step Job Search

Author:  J. Michael Farr

Seven Step Job Search.jpgA reference book that includes information on how to find a job, how to develop a resume and how to be successful in an interview.

The book focuses on providing the reader with seven job search steps to lessen the time it takes to get a job.


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Career Change

Author:  David P. Helfand

Career Change.jpg

Advice on how to take control of your career and face career related challenges, including looking for a new career are covered in this book.

Effective ways to manage change and to assess a prospective new employer is also include.

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Job Search Solution

Author:  Tony Beshara

Job Search solution.jpgThe author, a professional recruitment consultant, has been helping people to find jobs for more than 30 years.

He knows the strategies that work and the ones that fail.

This book provides a step by step process that will enable you to control your job search.

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In Search of the Perfect Job

Author:  Clyde Lowstuter

In Search of the Perfect Job.jpgWritten for the Senior Executive, this reference guide will provide you with a ‘competitive edge’ whether you are looking to change career or are in active job search.

It will help you to identify the obstacles to success, including how to answer the toughest of interview questions.

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Job Search Secrets Unlocked!

Author:  Joseph S Turner

Job Search Secrets Unlocked.jpgAn informative book that provides job search techniques, strategies, and suggestions to assist you to be successful in your job search.

Ways to make sure that your resume is actually read and how to handle a range of different interview styles.

Ways to manage on line recruitment sites as well as finding those jobs that never get advertised.


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Boomers' Job Search Guide

Author:  Saundra Marling

Boomers Job Search Guide.jpgProviding information specific to the over – 50’s who are looking for that next job.

Examples of resume and cover letter templates are provided along with advice on ways to market your maturity as an asset to a prospective employer.

Also included are success stories of those over 50 who have achieved a successful career transition.


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Rebuilding Your Life after Redundancy

Author:  Janet Davies

rebuilding life after redundancy.jpgA motivational reference that puts redundancy into perspective and provides sensible and practical advice, including how to manage stress that is often associated with unexpected job loss.

The author deals with the emotional impact of redundancy and helps the reader through career decision making and finding a new job.


Turn Redundancy to Opportunity

Author:  Laurel Alexander

Turn Redundancy to Opportunity.jpgAdvice on ways to make sure you don’t fall into ‘victim mode’ following redundancy, dealing with the emotional impact, and how to move forward and access the wide range of options that are now open to you.

Marketing your strengths and updating your skills so that you are ready to take on that next new career or job.

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Surviving the Axe

Author:  Laurel Alexander

Surviving the Axe.jpgThe author combines her own personal experiences of redundancy with advice on how to manage the emotional reactions while remaining positive and confident.

Also included is financial and budgeting advice, moving on to ways to use personal contacts and recruitment companies to source a new job.


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Fearless Career Change

Author:  Marky Stein

Fearless career change.jpgThe author is an experienced career coach and shows people how to move into a new career quickly and successfully by moving beyond the fear of failure and identifying and pursuing new career options.

She includes ways to write an effective resume even if the new career is completely different from the old one.


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I'm in a Job Search--Now What???: Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as Part of Your Job Search Strategy

I'm in job search - now what.jpgIn the 2nd edition of the book, 'I'm in a Job Search--Now What??? you will have a step-by-step guide for the job searching process.
The book not only covers job searching strategies, but additionally gives information on how to be in a continuous process of career management. No longer are people climbing ladders in employment. Instead, they are on a ramp and need to constantly make strides to progress and maintain their position.

The newly updated and expanded book provides 100+ resources and tips to guide you through the job searching process to help you stand apart from your competition.

Included in the book:
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Branding
  • Five strategies for building visibility on Google to accelerate your job search since recruiters, employers, and companies Google potential candidates prior to contacting them for an interview
  • Using Social Media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) in the job search process
  • New section on Pinterest giving you information on the potential this hottest social media platform has for a person in a job search, including tips on how to use it as part of your career marketing plan
  • Interview with Erin Blaskie on how to develop compelling content and capture quality videos for the new, emerging platform for video biographies, Google visibility, etc.
  • Interview with Jeff Lipschultz, Principal at A-List Solutions and a recruiter, on tips for working with recruiters, getting your resume to the top of the pile, etc.
  • Developing a targeted list of companies where to work
  • Research tools to help in interviewing
  • Interview strategies, including the questions you want to research BEFORE an interview to stand out in the interview process
  • Networking
  • Tips on how to customize your resume for different positions to demonstrate to the employer why YOU are the best fit for the position
  • and much, much more!

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