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Guide to Job Fairs and Career Expos

Understand what is a Job Fair or Career Expo and what types there are.

Find out what you should do to prepare for a Job Fair or Expo.

What should you do when you get there and what followup steps you should do after. [Read more]


Job Search in a Recession

If you have recently lost your job, you may have already discovered that during a recession there are hundreds of thousands of job seekers in the market and finding another role quickly may be difficult.

This article gives you some useful job search tips [Read more]


Confronting the Potential 'Age Issue' in Job Search

‘I’m in my 50’s now – who will want to employ someone of my age?’

Does this sound like a comment you (or someone you know) might make? [Read more]


Recruitment Agencies

How will they help in my job search? [Read more]

Suggestions for Dealing with Recruitment agencies [Read more]


My Friend has just Lost their Job - How Can I Help?

Learn how to provide practical and useful support [Read more]


Reducing Money Worries in a Recession

As if job loss isn't enough of a concern, for many people redundancy also means a plunge into financial uncertainty. As the cost of living increases so does the pressure that many families come under to ‘make ends meet'.

Do you need some advice in how to reduce your money worries? [Read more]


Networking for Job Search

Networking is all about developing contacts that can be used in your job search 

Learn the six steps to make your networking effective [Read more]


Restoring Self Confidence After Job Loss

Job loss has the potential to turn your world, as you know it, upside down. Experiencing low levels of confidence is a very normal and natural response.What can you do to restore self confidence after job loss [Read more]


What NOT To Do in Job Search

We are often asked, "How long does it take to get a job". The answer is simple - it is totally dependent on your level of effective and proven job search activity.

Read some of the most common pitfalls you might want to avoid during your Job Search [Read more]


What is Psychometric Testing?

When you are in active job search, at some stage you are likely to be asked to complete psychometric testing as part of the selection process. So what is it? [Read more]