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Work Life Balance

Work - Life balance is the term that is used to describe the ‘right’ level of balance that exists between work commitments and personal life commitments. This includes having time for quality time with family, for sport and recreational interests, or for community, personal and educational development. For many people it is a continual and difficult juggling act!

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Personal Reactions During Change

Have you ever wondered why some people thrive on change and others live in fear of it?

Do you want to identify you specific 'change style'?

Some people cope remarkably well with change – in fact some people actively look for it. Others find change really difficult to manage. This doesn’t mean that one person’s view of the world is better than another or that there is a right and wrong way to manage change – there are just individual differences. Each style is normal!

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Career Incentives

Your Career Incentives will guide and influence your career or job on a daily basis. Career Incentives are those factors, unique to you, that motivate and drive what you want and need most from your working life. Price: $USD 20.00 Read More

Career Choices

I really want a different career but have no idea what I should do. I need to decide what to do after leaving college and I just don’t know where to start. I went into my current career more than 20 years ago without really thinking about what I wanted to do. I’m ready for a change! The days of having a ‘career or job for life’ are long gone and for many the degree of change within organizations means that loyalty to an employer is seldom a priority. Making decisions about career choice is no longer a single event. Research suggests that many people will have three to four different careers in their lifetime and within each career, up to 10 different jobs. Price: $USD 20.00 Read More

Career Ideals

For many years people have based career and job choices on the level of skill required for a particular job or career. However, more recently, as individuals recognize the importance of career planning and career development, knowing what leads to career motivation and job satisfaction has taken on greater importance. Identifying and prioritizing your Career Ideals is an important aspect of your career and job assessment. Price: $USD 15.00 Read More

Job Satisfiers

Measuring your overall level of job satisfaction will assess how happy you are in your job and what your attitude is regarding the nature of the work that you carry out. The happier you are, the more satisfied you are likely to be at work. Price: $USD 20.00 Read More